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Studio Production Services

Frome Community Productions can provide studio recording facilities for spoken word. You will use AKG 391 microphones and will make a stereo recording onto Tascam recorders through an Allen and Heath Zed 14 mixing desk. This is ideal for productions with 1 or 2 voices only - Hourly recording/post production rate – £30 per hour (inc engineer).

An alternate approach is to multitrack record i.e each microphone is recorded on its own track. This is more appropriate for complex audio recordings. The session is recorded via a Presonus RM32AI digital mixer and saved on a MacBook Pro into Presonus Capture . The session will be edited using Sony Sound Forge and produced through Avid Pro Tools 12 on an iMac computer using Waves SSL 4000 Collection Plugins, Waves Vocal Rider, Fab Filters and Avid Native tools. You will receive a stereo mix down and a copy of the multitrack files. Hourly recording/post production rate – £50 per hour (inc engineer).

Outside Broadcasts

The price will depend on the nature of the broadcast but a rule of thumb is to budget at £125 for every broadcast hour. This figure will cover a crew of up to four, OB equipment, post production (if required) and/or broadcast time.

Audiobook Recordings

Frome Community Productions can offer a risk share publishing deal to local authors within which the costs of production are deferred and taken as a 55%/45% split of sales. A 5 hour ‘listen’ will usually take 15 hours to produce (or 15 x £30 = £450 of cost). There are some additional variable costs that FCP will absorb (ISBN, artwork development, preparation for digital download, library/royalty free music, SFX). These costs and the publishing fee are taken from sales incrementally on a % basis. If authors prefer to meet those costs themselves, then the sales % will change to a 30%/70% split in favour of the author. This arrangement also assumes that the author will narrate the book. Where an actor has to be employed to narrate, the author will be responsible for meeting those costs.

Equipment Hire

Item Daily Rate Weekly Rate
AKG Handheld Radio Microphone £10 £30
Dual Sennheiser Handheld Condenser Radio Microphones 

2 microphone package

£40 £120
400 watt PA System 

Mixer Amp , 2 speakers on stands + 1 cabled SM58 microphone and 1 microphone stand

£40 £120
Microphone Stands Package (3 off) £10 £30
XLR cables (10 off) £10 £30
8 channel multicore (15 metres) £10 £30
Soundtracs 16 channel mixing Desk £25 £75
Allen and Heath Zed 14 Mixing Desk £15 £45
AKG 391 Condenser microphones £5 £15
Edirol Handheld Recorder £15 £45

To enquire about any of our services please use the form on the Contact us page.