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Doc Miller’s Medical Hour


Dr Andy Miller

Dr Andy Miller


In this month’s Doc Miller’s Medical Hour Dr Andy Miller and his colleague, Dr Rob Taylor consult about the new booking system for appointments at the Frome Medical Practice. It’s a revolutionary system designed to take the waiting out of appointments for patients and ensuring the clinical staff can maximise their time and resources as well asĀ helping to reduce the number of ‘no-shows’ or DNA’s by patients for their appointments.


We also meet the two Karens – the voice of the Frome Medical Practice as you hear it when you call in on the phone and the Karen who holds it all together as Practice Manager.

All that, plus a dose of flu information about preventative flu jabs.

The show is bandaged together with music tracks including Muse, Shirley Bassey and Mott The Hoople.

Doc Miller’s Medical Hours can be heard on this website as a podcast or on air at 96.6fm monthly on Thursday 1200, Saturday 1700, Sunday 0900, Monday 1500 and Tuesday at 1300.