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Housing Hub debates the Selwood Garden Community project

In this month’s episode of Housing Hub on Frome FM we hand the microphone over to the key players on each side of the Selwood Garden Community debate and let them ask each other about their vision for housing in Frome.

Proposals for a large housing development on the edge of Frome known as Selwood Garden Community have been the source of much heated discussion for many months. Campaigners working to stop the development have highlighted various concerns including loss of open land and damage to wildlife habitat as well as increased traffic and lack of infrastructure in the town. Those who are in favour point to the need for more housing in a town where demand is high and to the element of social housing included in the plans. At Fair Housing for Frome we wanted to try to get to the heart of the conversation so we’re making it the subject of our November episode of Housing Hub, our monthly talk-radio programme.

The show goes out on Frome FM at 3pm on Monday 15th November and again at 3pm on Friday 19th November. It features in conversation, Mark Brierly, one of the architects of the Selwood Garden Community masterplan and Lollie Melton, an environmentalist from the ‘Stop Selwood Garden Community’ campaign group. Jo Berry, an experienced Restorative Justice facilitator and involved in a new restorative conversation group in Frome, keeps the conversation on track. Jo, who is the founder of Building Bridges for Peace, demonstrates how people with opposite and passionate views on a subject can start to listen to each other and look for common ground. Do not miss this chance to hear the fascinating conversation from the people most closely involved with SGC, one of Frome’s most talked about housing topics.

The episode will also be available on catch-up shortly after the broadcast.