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Variations on a Theme – New Friday Morning Show presented by Eleanor Talbot

Born into a family of geniuses in Ireland, the youngest of five girls, I was my parent’s last chance to create perfection.

Tiring of rain-soaked greenery, my parents decided a change of environment was needed, so we headed to the north Highlands of Scotland, which proves my parents had an odd sense of irony.

Hoping that the gold-paved streets of Canada would offer solace, we packed up and went west. We arrived in Calgary, Alberta just in time for the recession of 1981.

It was in Canada that I developed my love of music as the winters are very long and nothing beats the blues like a jaunty tune.

I even took a foray into being in a band. We performed world music with a rumba flamenca infusion and for a brief moment, we lived the dream.

Working in industries as diverse as oil & gas, architecture & interior design, Family Law and healthcare, I learned that despite our differences, we still need coffee to function.

Upon entering my dotage, I returned to the UK, single, flat broke and none the wiser…

I’m thrilled to join the team of dedicated DJs on Frome FM. Please join me every Friday morning from 10 AM to 12 PM as I take you on a journey of discovery. Each week I explore magnificant music, fun facts and interesting interviews all centered around a particular theme, be it colour, controversy, cuisine or cars; there’s a story for every song. That’s Variations on a Theme on Friday mornings on Frome FM.