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Beatles book on FromeFM

martin dimery‘John Lennon’ is none other than Frome Festival director Martin Dimery in a Beatles tribute band that has played gigs in Europe, the USA and The Cavern Club.  

Martin has written a book ‘Without the Beatles’ including hilarious anecdotes about their experiences that is being recorded as an audiobook by FromeFM.

Martin says “Writers want people to read or hear their work. FromeFM’s new audiobook series will make that possible – and it’s all on our own doorstep.”

The new recording studio, shown in our picture, has been funded by Somerset County Council’s Creative Industries Development Fund (CIDF) & Flourish Homes.

FromeFM chairman Phil Moakes said “We’d like to thank both Somerset County Council and Flourish for their financial support. There are some very talented writers and producers in Frome & we intend to bring this work into everyone’s homes through FM radio when we launch in the Summer.”

“We have other audiobooks in production – ‘Bath Buns at Sally Lunns’ by Alwyn Dow and ‘The Violent Passage of Violet Peck’ by Frome artist and now writer David Chandler.  The audiobooks will be available to download but will also be serialised on the new FM service.”

Production Assistant, Hogan Summerfield, shown in our picture joined FromeFM after taking a Radio Production Course through Frome Community Education.  The next course starts on 14th April to sign up visit or call in at the Cheese and Grain.