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FromeFM more popular than ever

cara-at-fromefmFromeFM has seen a 93% increase in ‘on demand’ listening to its shows in the first 6 months of 2011 with over 11,000 FromeFM shows having been downloaded or replayed from the website.

“This is great news for our 80 plus volunteers, who have put so much work into producing such a diverse range of programmes,”said Station Manager Phil Moakes. “It’s also good news for our sponsors, because more people will be seeing their adverts. At a time when all businesses are feeling the pinch it’s good to know that our services are reaching more people than ever before. Since FromeFM is a free service, we can only develop it further through building on our sponsors and through creating new services that people buy. ”

FromeFM have recently made an application to Somerset County Council’s Creative Industries Development Fund to help kickstart an audiobook service.

“The purpose of our bid is to secure funding to make real products. We have put in a bid for £8000 from which we hope to generate £20,000 and more going forward. This will put money and work into the hands of the writers, composers and creative professionals in Frome, as well as providing a revenue stream for FromeFM.”

FromeFM have 3 audiobook projects in the pipeline for launch before Christmas. The first will be a dramatization of the children’s adventure novel ‘Doors Of Time’ written by local author Andrew Saunders. Two more projects will be announced in August.

“One of them will be a collaboration between FromeFM and The Merlin Theatre which we hope will make a contribution to their fighting fund to keep the theatre running.”

(Photograph shows Festival star Cara Dillon co hosting Cath & Quin’s Radio Show)