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New Comedy Shows

Two six-part comedy shows will be broadcast weekly on FromeFM from Sunday 2nd May.

6.0Blessed B with aubergines 225-300pm: Dessert Island Discs

Written and performed by character comedian Rose Wadham, produced and directed by Jonathon Miles, Dessert Island Discs finds seasoned interviewer Maureen O’Clamp penetrating the ears and minds of six extraordinary characters, exploring their favourite deserts, the music to accompany them, and the secret selves that lurk behind their public image. Prepare to laugh and stretch your eyes as Maureen interviews such characters as Guinevere Palo Alto, Azah Woman and Blessed Be Love (pictured).

Check out Rose’s website here.

BarmyDaleFull6.30pm: Barmy Dale

Barmy Dale is a series created and produced by Barmy Productions based on the experiences of lockdown in 2020. It was first broadcast on BBC radio from June to October last year and is now being offered to community radio stations.


Find out more about Barmy Productions and Barmy Dales here.

All episodes of both Dessert Island Discs and Barmy Dale will be available to listen to on our Mixcloud page after the first broadcast.