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Somerset Cool fundraiser 24-hour broadcast

Somerset Cool 24From May 25th at 1pm until May 26th at 1pm, the team behind Somerset Cool will be taking over FromeFM, for a special 24-hour non-stop broadcast hoping to raise funds for two brilliant causes, Somerset & Dorset Animal Rescue and Lurcher SOS.

So… the 24-hour non-stop Somerset Coolathon show! (What were we thinking!!! ;))

  • What will we get up to during those 24 hours?
  • How much coffee will be consumed?
  • Will we stay awake?
  • Will we ever be able to face radio again? ;)

Well, let’s just say it’ll be full of surprises, but one thing you can definitely count on is that you can join us from anywhere in the world at any time during the 24 hours, by going to & clicking ‘Listen Now’. If you’re local to Frome, you can also tune in on 96.6FM.


What your gift could provide

£5 – Every penny goes to food & travel for dogs that Somerset & Dorset Animal Rescue save from the horrors of the meat trade & to Lurcher SOS, fighting the neglect & abandonment of Lurchers & Greyhounds in the UK & Ireland.

£10 – Helps to microchip a rescued dog & keep them safe.

£20 – Cares for a dog rescued from the meat trade for a month, whilst travel preparations are made to bring them to permanent safety. It also helps vaccinate dogs rescued by Lurcher SOS.

£50 – Every £50 gets us closer to saving 1 dog from being boiled alive for meat in China. Saving a dog like Hope costs £600. £50 also helps Lurcher SOS with vets bills for dogs like Meg, who would’ve been shot had they not been there to save her.

Somerset & Dorset Animal Rescue

In the thirty years of running this rescue, Liz & Colin Stewart have saved the lives of over 34,000 animals across the county, nationwide & internationally & we’d love to be able to help them save more.

They rescue a wide range of animals & birds, giving each one a bright new future, after the genuine nightmare of the past. They are currently helping to save dogs from the horror of the meat trade & we’re desperate to help them save more dogs like Hope, who was rescued from the hell of a Chinese slaughterhouse, packed together with 2,000 other dogs, many of whom were tortured for ‘fun’. Hope was saved by the rescue & is now safely in Somerset. She’s such a beautiful soul, despite the horrors she’s been through, and we’re crossing everything that you’ll join with us to save more dogs like her.

Read more about SDAR on our blog –

Lurcher SOS

An amazing cause, dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating & rehoming abused, abandoned & neglected Lurchers, Greyhounds & Sighthounds.

This cause is close to our hearts as our two dogs, Petal & Flower, were rescued by Lurcher SOS & Meg, an older dog they recently saved from being shot because the owner didn’t want her any more, is now safe & happily rehomed with a loving family. We want to help there be more happy endings for dogs like Meg.

Read more about Lurcher SOS at

All eligible Gift Aid will go to FromeFM, to help keep the station on the air for the people of Frome, for everyone across Somerset, the UK & internationally too!

Thank you so much for visiting our page & making a donation. It’s no exaggeration to say that every penny matters & it means so much to us, the causes we’re helping & the animals we’re hoping to save.

Jenn & Graeme x