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New health & wellbeing show

The Health and Well-being Hour from Frome FM is a weekly programme put together by a number of local organisations including Frome medical Practice and Frome Town Council to showcase the wealth of support in the town to help us live healthy and fulfilling lives. There will be health tips, interviews with health practitioners and patients, stories from community organisations who look after people’s well-being in the town and discussions about common health issues and their conventional and alternative treatments. Sports and exercise organisations and regimes will also feature.


Nicola Cretney, Manager for Health and Wellbeing at Frome Town Council, presents her show every 4 weeks with a mix of national and local news, personalities and health specialists and details of the Town Council’s initiative on the Health and Well-being of own town’s population.

There has been interest from other local organisations that put the health and well-being of our family, friends and neighbours at the centre of their work. The programmes will be available on the website shortly after their original transmission as podcasts for download or listen again. Local organisations are free to use the link to the podcasts on their own websites. If you would like your organisation featured on the Health and Well-being Hour, please get in touch with the shows’ co-ordinator, Rupert Kirkham at Frome FM. (