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Meandering with Mike

On this months Meandering, Dorothy-Anne speaks to Mike Addams who works for First Response Radio.

First Response Radio has a different role from the traditional media/reporting role. Its aim is not to relay information about the disaster to the rest of the world. The purpose of radio in disaster response is to meet the information and recovery needs of the affected community. This is a new role for radio and it is often confused with traditional media reporting.

Local teams are trained and established in disaster-prone countries, to respond within 72 hours to a disaster in their local area or country. Once trained, they can set up a radio station within an hour of arriving even in areas with no infrastructure remaining. They provide critical information to the affected community and give the affected community a local voice. The aim is to stay on the air through to the end of the Acute Emergency Phase – (around 30 days).

The show will air on FromeFM during day time programming, but if you can’t wait you can listen online on the Meandering page.