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All About Frome, May 9



From left: Gary Collinson, Rosie Eliot, Emily Denne, June Barnes and Lesley Hooper

In the final All About Frome of this series, June Barnes and Emily Denne talk about the organisation of the Frome Carnival and what much-needed volunteers can do to help run it;

Gary Collinson tells us about his busy life as a councillor, Manager of the Frome Football Club, his charity work and his volunteer job as Chairman of the Frome Angling Club;

Fund-raiser Rosie Eliot tells us about her work as Director of the Warminster-based Wessex MS Therapy Centre, its facilities and the unusual techniques used to help their patients, who come not only from Somerset, but from all over the South of Britain..

Finally, Lesley Hooper, a Fair Frome Volunteer is also running a project called Frome Re:Fresh for disadvantaged young people at three schools in Frome, Frome Community College and Oakfield and Selwood Academies.

Donations of unopened hair shampoo and conditioner, sanitary towels, hair brushes and combs deodorant and other personal hygiene products can be dropped off at the town hall reception where they will be collected and put in free packs to help these young adults freshen up their lives at no cost to them or their families through Re:Fresh. You can check out the Refresh Facebook page for other drop-off points.

All About Frome will be taking its annual vacation in the next few weeks. We’ll be back on June 9th with a special compilation of clips from the All About Frome shows since January 2017 and then back with a live show on June 16th. If you volunteer for an organisation, run an organisation that uses or needs volunteers or are thinking of starting one, let us know here at the Frome FM studios, Town Hall, Christchurch Street, Frome. We’d love to have you on the show!

Thanks for listening and don’t forget that you can hear any or all the shows again by going to the All About Frome webpage on this site.

All About Frome – the show that gives a voice to Frome’s Volunteer Army.

Co-producer and presenter, Rupert Kirkham

Co-producer and programme organiser, Julia Wellard