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Three new weekly shows on Frome FM

Three new shows start this week on Frome FM.

Wescott’s World is the first of a new bi-weekly lunchtime show from 1200-1300. It’s presented by food and drink expert, hotel staff and management trainer, vintage car enthusiast and Frome resident, Jeremy Westcott. Jeremy first encountered Frome FM as the winner of a charity auction prize to be interviewed on Frome FM by Alex Hawkins, producer of the ‘Homely Remedies’ show. He quickly became seduced by the magic of radio and now has his own take on local and national (and soon international) issues in the entertainment, leisure and motor industries.

Alternating with Wescott’s World every other Wednesday will be Mackett – Geoffrey Mackett looks in depth at some of the community and other organisations and businesses and occasionally controversial issues in the town. With many years in the Royal Navy behind him and several years as an emergency planner with Somerset County Council, Geoffrey, who also presents a world music show on Frome fm, has a depth of experience that is bound to lead to an engaging and interesting listener experience!

And on Fridays, Steve Barton – known to Frome FM listeners over the last few years as ‘Chemical Steve’ (a reference to his previous career as a pharmacist) presents a three hour morning show from 1000-1300. It’s a mix of slightly off-piste music,¬†poetry, and other miscellany with a round up of the weekend events news from 1200-1300.

We wish them all the best and please send in your comments to or tweet @fromefm.