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Art in the Radio Studio…

IMG_5044This year, for the first time, FromeFM is taking part in Frome Open Studios.  As venue 15 the local community radio station is hosting an artist in residence during Frome Festival 2016.

The exhibition, a collection of surreal and dream like wood engravings,  is entitled ‘I Wish Animals Could Talk’. The ideas for Jenny’s pictures come from dreams/ daydreams/ memories/ and conversations with her two young children.

Jenny is a self-taught artist who started wood engraving in September 2015. She attended a course run by Frome Community education at the Cheese and Grain.  The tutor, Chris Pig, also lives in Frome (and is also exhibiting for Frome open studios at Black Pig Studio (venue 3).  She is just about to finish her 3rd ten week term of the course. This will be her first exhibition of my wood engravings.

She lived in Berlin for 2 years from 2009- 2011.  She made costumes for DJ’s and decorated venues for club nights. She ran creative workshops at a local gallery to engage the local community and improve spoken English language in a relaxed atmosphere. She also renovated a shop into a studio/ live in space where she designed and sold bags.

The exhibition is open on both Festival weekends (2nd / 3rd and 9th / 10th July) from 11.00 am till 5.00 pm. Come and meet the artist and see inside your local community radio station.